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The 2017 Swedish EME meeting was held in Írebro on May 20-21. As previous meetings, this was yet another success!

Moonbouncers enjoyed a fascinating set of presentations about detailed aspects of EME as well as enjoying  the opportunity to meet, greet and discuss with old friends.

The thanks of everyone go to Lars SM4IVE for organising the event and to all the presenters and supporters. Download presentations from the meeting:


DL1YMK/SA6BUN  Michael and Monica

DL1YMK EME2017.ppt


G3LTF Peter

G3LTF 6cm EME for SM Meeting .pptx

G3LTF ok1kir_6cm.wav

G3LTF The Future of the Dubus EME CW.pptx

The Rise and Rise of 6cm EME!

Enjoy the presentation from G3LTF Peters talk on 6cm EME at the RSGB convention. Without doubt, 6cm EME is the hottest place to be at the moment!

The Rise and Rise of 6cm EME_2.pdf


G4NNS Brian

G4NNS Studying the shape and motion of our Galaxy.pptx

G4NNS HLineNotes.pdf


ON7UN Eddie

ON7UN 3cm SSPA  print.pdf

ON7UN 6m antenna ON7UN.pptx


ON4BCB Walter

ON4BCB OE5JFL diy.pptx


RW3BP Sergei

RW3BP report_ppt2017.pdf

UA3AVR Dimitry

UA3AVR_Calibrations of mm-wave antennas and RX systems using Moon radiation_Orebro2017.ppt

UA3AVR_Calibrations of mm-wave antennas and RX systems using Moon radiation_Orebro2017.pdf



OE5JFL Hannes

OE5JFL jfl_oerebro.pptx

OE5JFL jfl_oerebro.pdf

OE5JFL pulsar_sound.wav


OK1DFC Zdenek


OK1DFC pa3dzl_9cm.wma

OK1DFC kir_9cm _RS.wma

OK1DFC hb9q_9cm.wma

OK1DFC IMG_20170518_1020349.jpg

OK1DFC IMG_20170518_1016069.jpg

DL6SH Slavek

DL6SH EME-activity Liechtenstein.pdf

DL6SH EME Orebro 2017.pdf



HB9CW Orebro 2017 Measurments.pptx

HB9CW Orebro 2017 Measurments.pdf

HB9CW Orebro 2017 LNA comparison.pdf

HB9CW Orebro 2017 EME Conf Messresultate.xlsx