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DUBUS Magazine is kindly sponsoring this 2mtr EME Activity Event. If you for some reason haven't heard of DUBUS, please foolow this link to their website for more info.

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Welcome to the Dubus EME Activity Events homepage. Here you will find all information about the monthly special Dubus EME activity events.

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This is a presentation of EME station SP7DCS in Poland!


Hello !

My interest in EME started in 1984 when I was SP4DCS in KO03. I read about EME in Dubus Magazine and in some publications and thought that maybe I can try it. It was quite difficult as I did not know anyone who could help me and anyone who made moonbouce qsos.


My first eme system was 8 x 5 el. DL7KM squares. Antenna , RX and TX was totally home-made. That year I managed to hear moonbouce signals for the first time - it was K1MNS and I got thrilled to finish 400W PA as soon as possible. In 1985 I managed to make my first qso. No doubt it was Dave W5UN hi hi hi. During about year I completed qsos with KB8RQ and DL8DAT. I also heard many more stations, but no one was able to belive in SP prefix in my callsign;) Of course I did not had any elevation system - all was done by my hands. Sometimes I had to run to the roof of the house to adjust the antenna in the middle of the qso;) For some time I was sure that I was first SP station that worked 2m eme, but it occured that Mike SP5CJT made it one year earlier - so I am second SP station that worked 2m eme.


Unfortnatelly some issues forced me to become qrt and move to a very big city when eme was nearly impossible. To become qrv again I had to wait until 1997 when I bought my country house - my new eme qth. First shoot was in ARRL Contest with single 10el. yagi without elevation and 400W. I made some qsos and I reactivated eme virus. I wanted to be eme'er agn!


My eme array was ready in early 1998 - it was 4 x (10el. H + 10el. V) cross yagis and gs35b. Still with handy elevation going outside the house every 30 minutes;). I become regulary qrv in eme contest on cw random. I did not have to wait long for my first antenna disaster;) In 2000 mother nature decided to take my array down to the ground.


Then I started thinking about putting something bigger for 2m band. As I did not wanted to wait a long to be qrv I decided to put single 12.5m long cross yagi to be on air in contests. I was qrv with this small setup until late 2001.


I spent whole summer building 4 x (21el. H + 21el. V) cross yagis array, but my low experience with big arrays made it was not strong enough. It went down until I was able to finish it. It was sad, but I gave me a lot of knowledge and experience for a next year. Just to be qrv I temporarily put 2 long yagis until I erected whole system again.


I rebuilt 4 x (21el. H + 21el. V) (with rotor hi hi) in 2003 and it was that time my serious eme activity started. I become qrv in every good weekend on random and also tring some skeds with small stations (from 1997 to 2002 I was qrv almost only in contests due to lack of free time and almost only random).


In 2004 I managed to complete WAC and made my first qso with single yagi station. Everythink was going OK until.... mother nature decided to destroy my array again.


I was not sure If I have strenght to come back to eme once again, but strong support from eme community made I decided to build a new array.


I decided to put similar array that have Jimmy SV1BTR. Short yagis and a lift allowing to protect system from wind. I built 4 x 8el yagis to check my theoretical calculations. Tests shown that it works good and I decided to build 16 yagis. I also wanted to try open wire feed system - I am an experimenter hi hi!


I am qrv with my current array from late 2005. Since then I made a few hundrets cw eme qsos - including many single yagi stations. As for today my I have worked 218 different stations via moon on cw and 170 of all initial qsos was random that gives me most satisfaction. Smallest stations worked so far were KC3RE (15el. yagi + 280W) and PA3CWN (12el. + 350W), but I am sure I can work smaller as I can hear my echo with 60W at antenna in good conditions!


At now I am qrv regulary in good weekends on random (still prefered), but I am also looking for cw skeds with any station interested. Currently I am also building my 70 cm eme station and I hope to become qrv on this band soon.


All details of my station can be found at my website: http://sp7dcs.webpark.pl

VY 73 ! de Chris SP7DCS


Present antenna system at SP7DCS, plus  as small photo of  the skilled

operator Chris. 



Another view of the beautiful 16 x 8 el homebrew EME array at SP7DCS.




The old SP7DCS homebrew EME array in 2003.



This is the SP7DCS homebrew system in 1998.




The SP7DCS 70cm EME array, pointed at the moon.. ready to fire..



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