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Welcome to the 2m CW EME ATP homepage. Here you will find all information about the monthly 2m EME activity events.



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Frequency 144.040-144.060 CW



ATP 2015

144 MHz




28 Feb 1330-1630 GMT

28 Feb 2200-0100 GMT (Mar 1)


28 Mar 1230-1530 GMT

28 Mar 2030-2330 GMT


25 Apr 1030-1330 GMT

25 Apr 1900-2200 GMT


16 May 0330-0630 GMT

16 May 1130-1430 GMT


13 Jun 0200-0500 GMT

13 Jun 1030-1330 GMT


11 Jul 0030-0330 GMT

11 Jul 0900-1200 GMT


7 Aug 2330-0230 GMT (8 Aug)

8 Aug 0800-1100 GMT


Dates and times for September, October, November and December to be decided when contest dates are presented.





Dates are a mixture of high declination, perigee, and lower declination with low background noise.  High declination in the summer means that the sun is fairly close to the moon, but the proposed times should not present any problems.


We have to compromise as we are trying not to collide with other activitiy events, on other bands.



Check moondata from Bernd DL7APV







Station presentations, read more..



Why special CW activity event on 2mtrs?


The purpose of the EME activity events is to promote CW random operation on 2 mtrs. The object is to focus activity on specific dates so that EME stations around the world can make use of their fine radiostations and excellent operation skills to make the ultimate DX QSO via the moon and back to earth.


And newcomers in EME will know that they can find stations on the band during the activity hours. How about possibly hearing EME signals for the first time, or even make a first ever EME QSO!!



Join the fun, check out the dates for the next activity event.



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The 2m CW EME Activity Time Periods 


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