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The SM2CEW Blog!

CW is King! 


New! My presentation on Deep Search at the Swedish National ham meeting. Check it out!


And don't miss my article on so called "Deep Search" concepts!!

Article : Minimal transfer, dark future..!


2mtr  CW EME activity Event !
70cm CW EME activity periods !

DL7APV Moondata 2014!

Multi Elmac AF-67 restoration project

Deep Search analyzis article,

(in Swedish,  from QTC magazine)

EME Soundfiles

Radio recordings (Top Band + more)


More Quick links

VE7BQH G/T Yagi table 

JT65 Page with DJ5HG article!!

Tropo array rebuilt! (May  2009)

Tropo tower crash !!

Expedition to KP17

13 cm Dish Feed assembly

Dish  feed, mechanical solution

Boncing CW off the Space Station   

The SM2CEW Radial Plow

My Lionel J-36 Vibroplex Key 

SM2CEW Sequencer circuit

The SM2CEW  Top band vertical

The SM2CEW Tube Tester

Portable  operation, battery power

Winter pictures from KP15

Friends to remember SM7BAE SK

Friends to remember EA3DXU SK

Summer pictures, garden + CEW/p



Full Dubus article and high resolution pictures

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  • JT65 invented by K1JT, is it doing what we want it to do? Read all about it here!

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  • Dish feed for 144MHz  two element Quad

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SM2CEW Peter Sundberg



Welcome To The SM2CEW Webpage

This webpage i dedicated to amateur radio. Here you can find information about my station with pictures, but also download software and get ideas for home construction projects. I operate on all bands from 160 mtr to 23 cm. DX is my main interest, and CW my preferred operating mode.

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SM2CEW Moonbounce 144/432/1296/2320 MHz


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