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The Moonbounce antennas

                        28' dish f/d 0.6                           The 19 el SM2CEW xpol yagi

Station information

         144 MHz amplifier, transverters for 432 and 1296 behind the panels to the right.


The EME amplifier rack.
On top, behind the panel is the 1296 cavity amp, below is a power supply (screen and grid voltage)
for the 1296/432 and 144 MHz amp. Below that is the cavity amp for 432 and at the bottom is the 144 stripline amp.

Hot air is ducted out through the wall via a 5" hose, the blowers are under the floor, below the house..

            These pictures show my 1296 cavity + driver amplifiers for 144 and 432 MHz

The VHF/UHF operating position

        VHF/UHF is an FT736R.
Memory keyer, control-box for 144 MHz antenna, audiofilter under the radios.
On the shelf is an FT897, above that is readout for 144 MHz array.

144 Mhz

        FT736R + 4CX350 driver to QBL5-3500 @ 1.5kW
        MFG 1801 preamp NF < 0.4 db
        6 x 19 el SM2CEW 5.1 lambda yagis, horizontal and vertical polarization

     432 MHz
        FT736R + TH338 driver to YL1050 @1.5kW
        PHEMT cavity preamp NF< 0.4 db
        28' dish with dual dipole feed, horizontal and vertical polarization

        1296 MHz
        FT736R + 1 x 2C39 driver to YL1052 @1kW
        Cavity preamp NF < 0.6 db
        28' dish with W2IMU feedhorn

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