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The 432 MHz CW EME Activity Events homepage.

Here you will find all information about the monthly CW EME activity events.

Coming dates for 432 CW EME Activity

432 MHz ATP 2017


15 Jan 0400-0600 GMT EU/NA

15 Jan 2000-2200 GMT EU/VK


Feb Dubus CW 144/432MHz


12 Mar 0100-0300 GMT EU/NA

12 Mar 1800-2000 GMT EU/VK


2 Apr 1000-1200 GMT EU/VK

2 Apr 1900-2100 GMT EU/NA


30 Apr 0800-1000 GMT EU/VK

30 Apr 1800-2000 GMT EU/NA


28 May 0730-0930 GMT EU/VK

28 May 1700-1900 GMT EU/NA


18 Jun 0200-0400 GMT EU/VK

18 Jun 0830-1030 GMT EU/NA


23 Jul 0500-0700 GMT EU/VK

23 Jul 1430-1630 GMT EU/NA


20 Aug 0400-0600 GMT EU/VK

20 Aug 1300-1500 GMT EU/NA


Sept ARI EME Trophy


Oct ARRL EME 50-1296MHZ


Nov ARRL EME 50-1296MHz

3 Dec 0100-0300 GMT EU/NA

3 Dec 1700-1900 GMT EU/VK


Frequencies 432.005-432.050 CW

This is an activity event intended to promote CW random operation on 432 MHz EME. 

Activity will be focused around the suggested times, but of course there will be stations on the band both before and after these events.

Random operation normally takes place between 432.005 - 432.030.

All stations are invited to join in and have some fun on 70cm EME. Please call CQ and let your fine EME station be heard. And when you hear someone call CQ, try giving them a call. This band is known for it's surprises!!

And please send activity reports to the K2UYH Newsletter, see Quick link on the left hand side of this page.

73/Peter SM2CEW 

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